• Selected key items of the Atelier Saman Amel offering are available to order from remote. Remote orders are produced on demand with a delivery time of around seven to eight weeks. The selection of styles available for remote ordering for clients who have not yet met physically with the Atelier Saman Amel team is focused around knitwear, outerwear and trousers. Existing clients are, of course, able to shop the entire Atelier Saman Amel offering from remote and will have the garments made in their unique silhouette.

    All remote orders are processed in close dialogue with the client at hand, digitally through e-mail or virtually. Contact us for more information.

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City Jacket in Cashmere
Vest in Cashmere
Field Jacket in Merino Wool
City Jacket in Cashmere
Field Jacket in Nylon
Five pocket chinos in cotton
Chunky Knitwear in 4 ply Cashmere
Featherlight knitwear in Cashmere/Silk
Knitwear in Cashmere
Chunky Knitwear in 4ply Cashmere
Chunky Knitwear in 4ply Cashmere