Celebrating Craft

The skilled craftspeople producing Atelier Saman Amel garments do so with care and at a sound pace which allows for meticulous attention to every detail. This dedication and longevity enables the production of clothes that are made to be worn and cherished for years and years. While the importance of craft is often overlooked, it is essential in the process of creating garments that last. In this respect, craft is not merely a means to an end, it sits at the very center of modernity.

Craft emphasizes the uniqueness of each individual product and in order to create garments with a purpose, all Atelier Saman Amel pieces are produced on demand. This radical yet elementary approach – producing single units for unique clients instead of in bulk for a mass audience – eliminates any overproduction and hence contributes to a more sustainable clothing industry. This approach is applied throughout the entire Atelier Saman Amel product offering.

Traditional craft informs the Atelier Saman Amel creative process in a fundamental way. In close dialogue with partnering artisans and craftspeople new designs are developed to take part in a permanent collection. This approach to design stands in vast contrast to the logic of seasons or drops that dominates much of the contemporary apparel industry.