A Conversation with Christine Ödlund. SFC (BOOK) X Nuda Paper. Words by Philip Warkander and images by Mikael Olsson.
On November 10th, Swedish Fashion Council launched its new book on the state of Swedish fashion titled "MODE 2022". The book has been directed by Stockholm based creative duo Nuda Paper. Atelier Saman Amel was chosen to dissect the topic of craftsmanship and the intimacy of personal customer relationships. Christine Ödlund, renowned artist and Atelier Saman Amel client for close to a decade, contributed with her thoughts on tailoring and how craft is applied throughout her work as an artist.

Below follows some extracts from the conversation.
"I've always enjoyed suits and jackets and nice shirts, but blouses are never practical, they lack pockets and are difficult to use. Or there will be a tiny pocket that only fits a stamp. It's so stupid!" - Christine Ödlund
"I'm a very tactile person, I even find it difficult to engage with art that doesn't in some way also overlap with crafts; I want to know how the pigments were created, and see how the hand has touched the materials. That's what gets me going" - Saman Amel
"What we share, Saman Amel and I, is that art permeates everything we do. Aesthetics permeate everything here, in this space and in this experience. In many ways, I myself am art. I have opted out of everything else." - Christine Ödlund
"Most of our clients are not rich and famous but regular people who have a desire to buy fewer things that they know will last longer." - Dag Granath