We are reading “Elsa Gullberg - A Life in Textile” (Ett liv i textil) by Elisabet Stavenow-Hidemark
Elsa Gullberg (1886-1984) was one of the most highly regarded and hardest working people of her time. A pioneer within the creative field of textiles and as a female business owner.

Gullberg’s company Elsa Gullberg - Textilier och inredning was founded in 1927 and was the first of its kind in Sweden. Gullberg created a link between handicraft and industrial production, and through her firm artistically designed textiles were offered on a greater scale. Instead of seeing the two production forms as separate entities, she tried to merge them in order to make design available to a greater audience. She did so in a time when Swedish arts and craft was gaining a strong international reputation and she contributed greatly to an increased status of textile as an art form.