We are reading "Swedish Silver 1500-1850" by Lisa Skogh, Sofia Silfverstolpe and Frederic Elfver. Published by Nationalmuseum, 2009.

In 2005, a research project was initiated by Nationalmuseum entitled "Applied Art, Design and its Sources" in order to disseminate the knowledge about the vast collection of culturally significant objects held by the institution. Among other things, the publication illuminates the many different style concepts in the production of artistic silver work. During the latter half of the 20th century more attention was devoted to the collection of contemporary silver in different types of publications and exhibitions such as "The Triumph of Simplicity" (1988).

Silver items - from Renaissance to contemporary works - were grouped on a stylistic basis in which simplicity involved the lack of what was viewed from a modernist perspective as unnecessary decoration. With an original focus on Stockholm masters, the collection has grown to include a varied collection of works of great artistic and cultural value.